Welcome to the iRokus+ portal!

The iRokus+ online portal offers modern digital editions (blended learning editions) for Natural Science subjects that meet the changed needs and habits of students and teachers of the 21st century, and introduces the advantages of modern technologies and new didactic approaches to their classrooms. All interactive textbooks (Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Natural Science for primary school) are based on an awarded blended learning concept* and were created in cooperation with National Geographic and other reputable partners, developers of high-quality didactic content.

Each interactive textbook is made up of clearly designed interactive pages, enriched with high quality educational films, illustrative animations, interactive tasks, other multimedia accessories and a toolbox full of practical tools. All these add to new teaching dynamics and create a motivating learning and exploration environment suited for the 21st century.

For the student, for the teacher, for home learning and for classroom use

The interactive textbook is intended both for individual home learning and for classroom use (as a primary textbook or as supplementary material). iRokus+ incorporates an easy-to-use learning management system, the Rokus Klett LMS system, through which the teacher can link to his or her students in an online group and can thus enhance their cooperation in the learning process.

For all devices

The interactive textbook works both on personal computers (for classroom use, an interactive whiteboard is recommended with the application; if one is not available, a beamer only will do) and tablet computers.

The teacher's and the student's version of the interactive material

The interactive material is available in two different sets – one for the teacher and one for the student. Both sets provide access to the interactive textbook and the Rokus Klett LMS, through which the teacher and the students can link up and connect to an online group. Various supplementary content available through the Rokus Klett LMS completes the interactive textbook. The teacher’s set opens further possibilities. Suggestions for practical lesson planning, theoretic and didactic recommendations, further educational films, a string of extra interactive tasks, yearly lesson plan and single lesson plan templates and much more is available through the Rokus Klett LMS.

How is it accessed?

Students activate their access to the interactive textbook by means of a student’s activation code. This activation code is part of the pack which includes the printed activity book (intended for regular use with the interactive textbook).

Teachers activate their access to the teacher’s interactive materials by means of a teacher’s activation code.

Access restrictions

Students are only able to access the interactive materials between 2 PM and 8 AM and all day on days off from school. In case all students link with their teacher (through the Rokus Klett LMS), they are able to access their interactive textbooks without the limited time frame, i.e. 24 hours a day. You can read more on the Rokus Klett LMS in the FAQ section.

Free trial

A free trial version of the first chapter of the next generation interactive textbook Biology 8 is available in the Introduction section. Free trial has no time limitations and requires no registration or login. Therefore in the trial version certain tools have been disabled: adding notes, script or drawings, marking the text or adapting the textbook in any other way.

Rokus Klett LMS – linking the teacher and students

Rokus Klett LMS (Learning Management System) is a special online tool on the www.iRokusPlus.si website that offers support for both the student and the teacher. Through this system the teacher and students who use the interactive textbook can connect to an online group and thus make their cooperation in the learning process even more effective.

Rokus Klett LMS gives the teacher an opportunity to send notes to students about tasks and activities, to observe the work and the progress of individual students or groups by means of clear graphics (tables, diagrams etc), to prepare extra exercises, tests and much more.

The system gives the student an insight into their own learning outcomes and statistics, access to notes, exercises and tests prepared for them by the teacher. You can read more on the Rokus Klett LMS in the FAQ section.

* In October 2014, the Biology 8 iRokus+ interactive learning pack won the gold BELMA award (Best European Learning Materials Award) in the category of Digital learning materials.

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